February 24, 2021

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions Test series 5

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions Test series 5

Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 5
Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 5

1. when Kangra, Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti came under British?
A.    1850
B.    1860
C.    1846
D.    1854
Answer – 1846.
2. Overwhelmed by the natural beauty of Naal-Dehra, a British Viceroy gave his daughter name there , what was that name?
A.    Lord Minto
B.    Lord Karjan
C.    Lord Align
D.    Lord Dufferin
Answer – Lord Karjan
3. Who led the campaign against Gorkhas in the Chaupal, Jubbal and Ravigad areas? 
A.    David Akterlony
B.    James Bailey Fraser
C.    Martidale
D.    Gillespie
Answer – James Bailey Fraser
4.  What was the result of the Treaty of Sangauli signed in 1815?
A.    Gorkhas dominated and consolidated the conquered territories
B.    Rise of British as influential power
C.    End of Sikh dominance
D.    Sansarchand became emperor 
Answer – Rise of British as influential power.
5. Which Governor General designed the principle of end of native states?
A.    Lord Cornwallis
B.    Lord Harding
C.    Lord Dalhousie   
D.    Lord Canning
Answer – Lord Dalhousie.  

7. In which year was the Kotkhai merged into the British Empire? 
A.    In 1820
B.    In 1828
C.    In 1846
D.    In 1857
Answer – In 1846.
8. When did European traveler Moorcraft visit Himachal Pradesh?
A.    1880-1882
B.    1855-1856
C.    1820-1822
D.    1825-1827
Answer – 1820-1822.
9. Which of the following should be given to his native princely state during the reign of Governor – General Lord Dalhousie was deported to Singapore when declared independent? 
A.    Wazir Ram Singh Pathania
B.    Rana of Ravingarh
C.    Shivanand Ramoul
D.    Pt.  Padmadev
Answer – Wazir Ram Singh Pathania.
 10. Where was the Wazir Ramsingh of Nurpur who make the British to go through tough time in the Second Anglo-Sikh War?
A.    Andaman
B.    Dehradun
C.    Singapore
D.    Adan
Answer – Singapore.
11. In which year was Rana of Keonthal given the title of King by the British Government?
A.    In 1857
B.    In 1882
C.    In 1909
D.    In 1911
Answer – In 1857.
12. In which year was the title of king was given to Jagirdaar of Lambagram? 
A.    In 1870
B.    In 1889
C.    In 1909
D.    In 1919
Answer – In 1909.
13. In 1815 AD ,to the king of Sirmour , which of the following areas was returned to him according to the sanitation given in?
A.    Jaunsar – Bawer
B.    Morni  
C.    Babar
D.    Kayaar – Da – Doon
Answer – Kayaar – Da – Doon.
14. Which of the following was the last refusal to receive a bill from the British Government?
A.    Kumarsen
B.    Kuthar
C.    Darkoti
D.    Throch
Answer – Throch.

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