Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh and most important questions – answers – 2021

Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh 
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Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh and most important questions – answers related Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh – 2021

Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh 

List of Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh with their Altitude and Concerned District

S. No.Name of PassesAltitudeConcerned District
1Bhim Ghasutri5,440 meterKangra-Chamba
2Laluni Jot5,440 meterLahaul-Spiti
3Pin Parbati5,316 meterKullu-Spiti
4Makori Jot5,190 meterKangra
5Duggi Jot5,060 meterBharmour-Lahaul
6Taintu Pass5,000 meterKullu-Kangra
7Kugti Pass4,961 meterLahaul-Bharmour
8Gulari Pass4,960 meterLahaul
9Chabia Pass4,934 meterLahaul-Bharmour
10Drati Pass4,720 meterChamba-Pangi
11Tamsar Pass4,572 meterKangra
12Kunzam La Pass4,520 meterLahaul-Spiti
13Baralacha Pass4,551 meterLahaul-Spiti
14Shipkila Pass4,500 meterLahaul-Spiti
15Sach Pass4,395 meterChamba-Pangi
16Hamtah Pass4,336 meterKullu-Spiti
17Rohtang Pass3,798 meterKullu-Lahaul
18Chandrkherni Pass3,600 meterKullu
19Jalsu Pass3,450 meterKangra-Chamba(Bharmour)
20Jalori Pass3,135 meterKullu (Siraj)
21Dulchi Pass2,788 meterMandi-Kullu
22Basodan2,400 meterChamba-Bhattiyat
23Kalicho Pass4,729 meterLahaul-Bharmour
24Nikora Pass4,750 meterKangra-Bharmour
25Indrahar Pass4,320 meterKangra-Bharmour
26Padri Pass3,050 meterChamba- Jammu
List of Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh

Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh In addition, Shingdkon Pass connects Jaskar of Lahaul, Waru Pass connect Dharamshala with Chamba, and Kamilaga Pass, Charang Pass and Lamkhaga Pass connecting Kinnaur to Garhwal.  William Moorcraft was the first Englishman to reach the Rohtang Pass.  Hathidhar is located in Chamba district.

Famous Mountain Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh are – Baralacha Pass, Sach Pass, Chabia Pass, Minkiani Pass, Indrahar Pass, Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass.

Important Question – Answer related to Passes and Jots of Himachal Pradesh.

Q.1 Which pass is on Kangra-Bharmour border?  

Answer – Indrahar Pass. 

Q.2 At what rate does the river Chenab originate? 

Answer – Baralacha Pass.

Q.3 Sach Pass (4395m) chini and Chabia Pass are located in which district? 

Answer- Chamba.

Q.4 Which pass is called “intersection pass”? (The roads of Zaskar, Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul are found here)

Answer –Baralacha Pass.

Q.5 Where is the Jalori Pass located?

Answer – Siraj (Kullu).

Q.6 Where is the Kugtii Pass located?

Answer-In Chamba District.

Q.7 Kunjum Pass makes way for which valley?

Answer –Spiti Valley.

Q.8 Rohtang Pass passes through which mountain range?

Answer- Pir Panjal

Q.9 What is Kangla – River,  Pass, mountain range or city?


Q.10 Which of the 4 rates (Kangra, Baralacha, Prangala, Pin Parvati) of Himachal Pradesh – is the highest?

Answer – Parangala (5548 m). 

Q.11 The road connecting Manali and Leh passes through Himachal Pradesh at which Pass? 

Answer – From Rohtang Pass. 

Q.12 “Tamsar Pass” (4572 m) falls in which district? 

Answer- Kangra. 

Q.13 What does Rohtang mean? 

Answer – A pile of lashes. 

Q.14 What is the height of the Kunjum Pass ? 

Answer –4520 m (Lahaul – Spiti)

Q. 15 Dulachi Pass is located in which district?

Answer  –Kullu .

Q.16 In which district is the Baralacha Pass located? 

Answer- Lahaul – Spiti. 

Q.17 Which is the highest mountain pass connecting Lahaul and Spiti? 

Answer–Kunjum la Pass.

Q18. In Other parts Bada Bhanghal  which pass is located nearby ?

Answer  –Tamsar. 

Q.19 What was the ancient name of Rohtang? 

Answer –  Bhrigu Tung.

Q.20 Which pass connects Pangi to Chamba? 

Answer –Sach Pass (Chamba).   

Q.21 What seprates Shipki Pass  Tibet from?

Answer – from Kinnour

Q.22 What are Basodan, Sach and Jalsu  of Chamba? 

Answer- Passes. 

Q.23 Padri Pass connects which two places? 

Answer –Chamba to Jammu (Bhadarwah). 

Q.24 Which is not well matched? 

 (i) sach – kullu;  (ii) Shilla – Kinnaur;  (iii) Manirang – Chamba;  (iv) Morangala – Lahaul – Spiti. 

Answer –Manirang – Chamba. 

Q.26 Which a pass connect Kangra to Bharmour?

Answer – Nikoda. 

Q.27 Pass connecting Lahaul to Jaskar. 

Answer –Shingedkon. 

Q.28 Rohtang was the first Englishman to reach the pass. 

Answer –William Moorcraft.

Q.29 ‘Waru Pass’ is located. 

Answer- Between Dharamshala and Chamba. 

Q.30 Pass connecting Lahaul to Ladakh. 

Answer –Baralacha Pass. 

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