Himgiri Himachal GK Quiz Series-17 for HAS HPPSC

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which last peak of Zaskar mountain

range is situated on the border of

Sirmour& Shimla?

A. Choordhar

B. Zaskar


D. Haripurdhar

Which districts of Himachal Pradesh

share their Borders With another


A. L&S-Kinnaur

B. Kinnaur-Chamba

C. Chamba-L&S

D. None

Which district of Himachal Pradesh

share their border with Uttra


A. Kinnaur-Solan

B. Kinnaur-Sirmour

C. Shimla-L&S

D. Shimla-Solan

 Which districts of Himachal Pradesh

share their borders with Haryana?

A. Solan-Kangra

B. Sirmour-Una

C. Sirmour-Solan

D. Bilaspur-Una

Which districts of Himachal Pradesh

touches the border of Punjab?

A. Solan-Chamba

B. Kangra-Mandi

C. Bilaspur-Shimla

D. Una-Kullu

Lahaul &Spiti in Himachal Pradesh

touches the border of which other

Countries & States?

A. Tibet-China

B. China-Bhutan

C. Tibet-J&K

D. None of the above

At which area Satluj firstly enter in

Shimla District?

A. Rampur

B.Bara Rish

C.Jagat Khana

D. Badal (Jeori)

At which point Satluj first of all enter

in Mandi District?

A. Tatapani

Mahu Nag

C. Huyi dhar

D. Karsog

Which are the main tributaries of

Beas in Mandi?

A. Hansa-Bakhali-Son

B. Uhl-Binu-Luni

C. Suketi-Ranodi-Bakar

D. All are correct

What is the total capacity of sawara

khudu project of Distt. Shimla?

A. 100MW

B. 115 MW

C. 106 MW

D. 111MW

Himgiri Himachal GK Quiz for HAS , HPPSC and all other Govt. exams

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