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#1. Printer resolution is usually measured in ________

#2. A displaying screen in which text is presente d in one colour and background is of any other colour is called ________

#3. In OCR processing, When a character is recognized, it is converted into_______ code.

#4. The display size of a monitor is measured _________

#5. _________ is the time from the start of one storage device access to the time when the next access can be started.

#6. Barcode readers use light to read ______

#7. A byte can represent any number between 0 and _______

#8. _________ is the transfer of computer data from a temporary storage area to the computer’s permanent memory.

#9. MICR reads th e characters by examining their shapes in _________ form.

#10. _________ transmits one bit of data through a single wire.


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