Himgiri Himachal GK Quiz Series -20

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#1. How many Lok sabha seats were there from Himachal in 1956 AD ?

#2. Where is Norway added Trout Fish Breeding Farm is situated?

#3. Name the Gorkha who captured the throne of sirmour?

#4. From where does the giriganga tributary of Yamuna originates?

#5. Where was the secreterait of British India located in Shimla ?

#6. Which is the reserved HP assembly constituency in Kullu?

#7. Which traveller visited Chamba in 1839 AD ?

#8. Kardang Gomoa is located in which area?

#9. Who was the author of the book 'Maharaja Sansar Chand'?

#10. Where among the following the Harnatra folk festival is celebrated?


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