Himgiri HPSSC JOA QUIZ- 15

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This quiz is important for the computer MCQ’s asked in the JOA exam. Attempt this Quiz and comment your score.

Himgiri HPSSC JOA QUIZ- 15


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#1. 30,000 bytes is nearly equal to

#2. Which program will you use to write a business letter?

#3. Which of the following is correct syntax of a URL?

#4. Which one of the following is a good password?

#5. 23 will be written in binary as

#6. HTTP stands for

#7. The unit of speed used for super computer is

#8. Which one of the following is a valid binary number?

#9. A ……… is a software program used to view web pages.

#10. Grammatical errors are shown in which colour?


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