Chief Minister Takes Legal Advice to Resolve JOA IT Issue

Efforts to resolve the JOA IT issue

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has stated that the government is taking legal opinion to resolve the issue concerning the Junior Office Assistant (JOA) IT postcode 817. Candidates who reached the Secretariat on Tuesday afternoon expressed their displeasure over the non-release of results and pleaded not to cancel the paper while demanding action against those who sold and leaked the paper.

Chief Minister Takes Legal Advice to Resolve JOA IT Issue
Chief Minister Takes Legal Advice to Resolve JOA IT Issue

Government mediating between two parties

The Chief Minister said that he has discussed with the Advocate General and the Chief Secretary, and efforts are on to resolve the impasse. The matter of postcodes 556 and 817 has gone up to the Supreme Court, and the government is mediating between the two parties. A meeting has been called again on Wednesday to discuss this matter.

The examination should not be canceled

The candidates who reached the secretariat said that the advertisement for this recruitment was issued in the year 2018. Two lakh youths applied, 1.18 lakh youths gave the paper, and around 4,300 people have been selected. Approximately 1,400 posts are to be filled. They urged the government to consider the matter sympathetically and not cancel the examination. If the paper has been leaked, then action should be taken against those who have been caught.

Strict action may have to be taken

The Chief Minister stated that in the postcode 817 case, it has been found that the paper has been sold as well as leaked, and if the paper leak is found on a large scale in the investigation, then strict action may have to be taken. However, if the mistake is not found, then the result will be released soon.

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