Chief Minister’s Announcements: Tourism courses and a digital library in Sanjauli College

Chief Minister Announces Rs. 5 Crore for Building Infrastructure and New Courses at Government Degree College

Tourism courses and a digital library in Sanjauli College
Tourism courses and a digital library in Sanjauli College

In a recent annual prize distribution function at Government Degree College in Sanjauli, the alma mater of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, he made several important announcements for the college and the education sector in the state. Here are the highlights:

New Courses and Facilities for Government Degree College

The Chief Minister announced the launch of a new course in tourism adventure, as well as the introduction of a digital library and classrooms for Government Degree College. He emphasized that the government has launched various schemes in its first budget to provide quality education to all students.

Investment in Infrastructure

The Chief Minister has also pledged Rs. 5 crores to create excellent infrastructure in the Centre of Excellence Government Degree College in Sanjauli. He also announced the start of MA Economics and Public Administration classes from the next session, along with the upgrading of the college’s career counseling center and the start of a GIA-Remote Sensing course.

Focus on Education Reforms

The Chief Minister highlighted the achievements of students from Sanjauli College in various fields such as the judiciary, politics, administration, and sports. He stressed that the present state government is bringing important reforms in the education sector to equip students with the skills to face future challenges and keep up with emerging technologies. The government is also planning to arrange exposure visits for teachers abroad to customize their skills with emerging technologies in the education for qualitative improvements.

New Technical Courses for Employment Opportunities

The state government is introducing new technical courses to create better employment opportunities for youths in both government and private sectors. To encourage girls’ education, the government will provide a subsidy of Rs. 25,000 to purchase e-scooters for 20,000 meritorious girls. The government has also made provisions for loans at one percent interest for poor children pursuing professional courses.

Other Announcements

During the function, the Chief Minister also shared his college days memories, including his entry into politics. Industries Minister Harshwardhan Chauhan praised the college’s immense contribution and its teachers and highlighted the importance of hard work and education for success in life.

Education Minister Rohit Thakur expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for increasing the education budget to Rs. 8828 crores. He announced that Rajiv Gandhi Day-Boarding Schools would be established in every assembly constituency and desks would be provided to all students studying in government educational institutions.

In addition, the Chief Minister also announced a reward of Rs. one lakh for students who gave cultural performances and honored meritorious students as well as alumni of the college.


The Chief Minister’s announcements are a significant step towards improving the education sector in the state. By investing in infrastructure, introducing new courses and facilities, and focusing on education reforms and employment opportunities, the government is providing the necessary tools for students to succeed in their future careers.

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