Denotification of new schools in Himachal Pradesh

New schools are to be denotified on basis of zero or low admission

The Himachal Pradesh cabinet has decided to denotify newly opened or upgraded schools with zero or less admission. The cabinet has also fixed a formula and schedule for these schools. However, due to board examinations and teachers on examination duty, these schools have been given time until March 31, 2023, before they are denotified.

Denotification of new schools in Himachal Pradesh
Denotification of new schools in Himachal Pradesh

New schools with low admission rates are to be denotified

Around 380 schools were opened in the last 4-5 months under the previous Jairam government, most of which were upgraded schools. Approximately 200 of these schools have not received any admissions and will be denotified. Only 21 percent of schools have satisfactory admission rates, and a formula has been passed for these schools as well.

The formula for admission rates

The formula states that new primary schools with less than 10 children will not be continued. Similarly, a minimum of 15 students is required for middle schools and 20 students for high schools. For senior secondary schools, a minimum of 25 students is required. This formula is not applicable to old schools that have not been upgraded under the previous government.

Amendment to admission criteria for new degree colleges

The cabinet has also amended the criteria for new degree colleges, reducing the required admissions from 75 to 65. This amendment means that the open degree college in Chhatri of Siraj assembly constituency will not be closed. Out of the 23 degree colleges opened in the last year of the Jairam government, only four will continue.

Education Minister’s statement

The Education Minister, Rohit Thakur, stated that the cabinet has decided on a formula for new schools, and education directors have been instructed to take action accordingly. The minister also stated that the government is now focusing on education quality and rationalization will be considered in the next episode.

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