[Download] HPU B.Com Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Hey there! Are you looking for HPU B.Com Previous Year Question Papers Subject Wise? Great news, because we’ve got you covered! You can download them right here. Not only that, but we also have the model test Question Paper for you, which will help you prepare even better for your Final Examinations. So, get ready to ace those exams!

B.Com Course Details-

Hey there! So, B.Com is basically a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and related subjects, and it takes three years to complete. Each year, different subjects are taught, including core courses and compulsory courses. At the end of each year, there are final exams that students need to pass to continue on to the next year.

There are a total of eight papers conducted every year. If a student fails in three subject papers, they are considered to have failed and are not allowed to move on to the next year. If a student fails in one or two subject papers, they are given a “compartment” and are allowed to continue on to the next year, but they must pass those subjects they failed. Compartment exams are conducted every year for this purpose.

To get the bachelor’s degree, a student must clear all their supply exams until the third year examination. If a student is unable to do so, they will not receive their degree until they have cleared all their supplies.

B.Com Course Syllabus –

B.Com 1st yearClick Here
B.Com 2nd yearClick Here
B.Com 3rd yearClick Here

[Download] HPU B.Com Previous Year Question Papers PDF

[Download] HPU B.Com 3rd Year Previous Year Question Papers PDF (Subject wise)

HPU B.Com Question Paper
HPU B.Com Question Paper
1.Principles of MarketingClick Here
2.Fundamentals of Financial ManagementClick Here
3.EntrepreneurshipClick Here
4.Management AccountingClick Here
5.International BusinessClick Here
6.Principle of Micro EconomicsClick Here
7.Personal Selling and SalesmanshipClick Here
8.Indian EconomyClick Here

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