Folk dances of Himachal Pradesh| Major folk dances of Himachal Pradesh

Folk dances of Himachal Pradesh| Major folk dances of Himachal Pradesh

Folk dances of Himachal Pradesh| Major folk dances of Himachal Pradesh
Folk dances of Himachal Pradesh| Major folk dances of Himachal Pradesh

(1) Folk dance of Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur district  

Kyang –

This is the most popular group dance of Kinnaur.

Bakyang –

This is also a collective folk dance of Kinnaur which is often performed by women. 

Bonyangchu –

This collective folk dance of Kinnaur is often performed by men, in which women also occasionally give support from outside. 

Mask dance (Mukhota)–

Mask dance is performed by lama in the monasteries of Spiti and Kinnaur.  In this dance the scene of overcoming the lion is shown.  Here the lion is a symbol of evil spirit.  This is called the ‘Devil’s Dance’ of Lamas. 

Monster (Raksha) Dance (Chaamb) –

Chaamb or phantom dance is a tantric – dance performed by Buddhist lamas to drive away the demons.  This dance is performed wearing a mask.  Lama people perform this dance to protect crops from demons and demons.  These dances are organized on the occasion of Chetarul, Vishu and Diwali.  The one who dances at the forefront is called Ghure. 

Lambar –

Lamber dance is also famous in Kinnaur district. 

Lion (Sher) Dance –

Lama people of Kinnaur and Lahaul – Spiti perform this dance to drive away ghosts and demons. 

Bhudhden Dance –

This folk dance is the main folk dance of the Pin Valley of Lahaul – Spiti.  It has the practice of yak dance, lion dance and monkey dance. 

Kayad dance –

This dance was performed for the first time on the marriage of King Yukuntaras of Lahaul – Spiti. 

Shand Dance –

This dance based on Buddha’s statues in Lahaul Valley and is performed at harvest time.

Shabu dance –

This dance is performed on the occasion of festivals, usually in the courtyard of the temple of Lahaul. 

Dalshon Dance –

This dance of the Ropa Valley of Kinnaur is performed like coil of snake. 

Cholamba Dance –

This dance is performed in the Ropa Valley at the death of (Bagh) tiger.  This dance is done by filling straw in tiger skin and putting golden ornaments in nose. 

Nagas Kayad Dance –

In this dance of Kinnaur, the dancers dance in twisted lines like a snake. 

Herki Kayad –

Young people perform this dance at a rapid pace with love songs. 

Shuna Kayad –

Dancers sometimes run and sometimes perform this dance at a slow pace. 

(2) Folk Dances of Chamba District

Ghurei Dance –

Only women dance in this traditional dance of Chamba.  This dance is done during marriages, fairs and festivals. 

Gaddi Dance –

Gaddi men perform this dance and women sing songs.

Kikali dance –

In areas adjoining Punjab, there is a tradition of minor girls putting kikali. 

Dangi Dance –

This is the female dance of the Gaddi region in which the women dance in vertical rows and circular dances.  Sunhi – Bhukh’s Prannaya song is sung in it with a very slow and melodious pace.  It is a famous dance of Bharmour and Chhatradi.   

Daipak –

 This is a famous folk dance of Chhatradi region. 

Jhanjhar –

 This is a famous folk dance of Chamba. 

Jhanki and Haanter –

This is a famous folk dance of Chamba district. 

Sen dance –

This is a famous dance of Pangi valley which is performed to drive away ghosts.

Pangwal dance –

This dance of Pangi region is performed by male at day and by women in the evening. 

(3) Folk Dances of Kullu District

Kadthi –

This is the Kullu Veer-Rasa Pradhan folk dance. 

Khadyatar –

This is the Kullu’s religious Veer Rasa- Pradhan folk dance performed with a sword on Devyatra. 

Laalhadi Dance –

This is the famous folk dance of Kullu. 

Rujhnka Dhili Nati –

This is the Nati of Kullu which is performed in slow pace. 

Swangtegi Dance –

Swangtegi Dance is a dance performed on the Dussehra of Kullu by wearing a wooden mask of lion and tiger. 

Drodi and Dharweni dance –

This is a deity dance which is performed on the occasion of Jagran or Shand. 

(4) Famous Folk Dances of Shimla and Sirmaur District

Geh or Ghee Folk Dance –

It is a famous folk dance of Giripaar area of ​​Sirmour and Theog of Shimla, Chaupal, Jubbal, Kotkhai region.  It is sung and danced in the form of Q&A. 

Hudak –

This is a popular dance of the Chaupal region of Shimla which is considered to be a form of Shiva’s Tandava.  It is performed with a Hudak (damru) instrument. 

Thoda Dance –

This war dance is performed on the occasion of Vishu by the Yogh caste groups in Sirmour district. 

Bisuaa birsu dance –

Hanol of Uttarakhand is considered to be the abode of Mahasu Devta.  This dance was born from there.  This dance is performed along with Birsu folksongs in Shimla and Sirmaur.  This dance is performed by the people of Khund caste (warloving-caste). 

Jhuri Dance –

Jhuri dance is performed in Sirmour with rhythm in an open environment.  It is a female dance. 

Thadir Dance –

This dance form of Sirmour is performed on the Rodra Taal, where in this dancer’s dance with the Gandasa, Danda and bow-Arrow. It depicts historical stories. 

Rasa Dance –

Rasa dance is a symbol of unity.  In this dance of Sirmaur district, the dancers swing together in long queues, sit and turn  

Ghughati dance –

This is the famous dance of Shimla district in which dancer place his hand on the shoulders of the next dancer.  The next three or four wakes go to the song Bhughati and the rest of the dancers repeat it.  It is basically a dance of youths. 

(5) Other dances of Himachal Pradesh

Mujra –

It is a solo dance which is more prevalent in homes in Shimla and Sirmaur. 

Nati –

Many forms of nati dance are popular in Kullu, Mandi, Shimla, Chamba and Sirmaur.  It is called Siraze Nati in Kullu. Dholi, Bakhali, Lahauli, Chambyali, Banthda, Dohri etc. are famous in this. 

Jhamakada –

This is a folk dance of Kangra district.  Women do it on the occasion of marriage. 

Chhohara –

This is the folk dance of Mahasu. 

Laaldi –

It is a popular feminine dance.

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