Hamirpur District History |Brief Explanation

Hamirpur District History |Brief Explanation

Hamirpur District History
Hamirpur District History

Establishment of Hamirpur

1700 AD After Alamchand’s death, Hamirchand became the ruler of Kangra.  At that time the Kangra Fort was under the Mughals.  Hamirchand form 1700 AD to 1747 AD   ruled the princely state Kangra.  In 1743 AD the place where a fort was built by Hamirchand, that place was later called Hamirpur.  Hamirpur Fort become Tehsil headquarters in 1884 AD. Thus, Nadaun was replaced by Hamirpur as Tehsil headquarters in 1868 AD.

Sujanpur Tehra

In 1748 AD King Abhaychand of Kangra built fortifications and palaces on the hills of Sujanpur which became famous as Tehra.  The city of Sujanpur was founded by Ghamand Chand.  Ghamand Chand in 1761 AD Built the Chamunda temple at Sujanpur.  King Sansar Chand of Kangra made Sujanpur Tehra his capital.  King Sansar Chand in 1793 AD Built the Gauri Shankar Temple at Sujanpur.  Nardeshwar Temple of Sujanpur was Built by Sansar Chand in 1823 AD.  King Sansar Chand started the festival of Braj like Holi at Sujanpur Tehra. In 1820 AD Sujanpur Tehra was traveled by William Moorecroft and George Trivek.  The only Sainik school of Himachal Pradesh is located at Sujanpur Tehra.  The largest sports ground of Himachal Pradesh is located in Sujanpur Tehra. 


The city of Nadaun is situated on the banks of the Beas River.  At this place in 1687 AD Guru Govind Singh and Raja Bhimchand of Bilaspur defeated the Mughals.  This war is known as Nadaun war.  King Sansar Chand of Kangra made Amtar his summer capital near Nadaun.  Sansar Chand said about Nadaun “Aayega Nadaun Jayega Kon”.  King Sansar Chand kept King Ishwari Sen of Mandi imprisoned for 12 years in Nadaun prison which was later rescued by the Gurkhas.  In 1820 AD Moorecroft   traveled to Nadaun.  In 1846 AD Nadaun was built Tehsil headquarters. Establishment of Yashpal Sahitya Pratishthan is held in 2000 AD Made in Nadaun. 


In Mahalamorio of Hamirpur Gorkhas defeated Maharaja Sansar Chand in 1806 AD after which Sansar Chand had to take refuge in Kangra Fort.  Hamirpur was under the control of the Sikhs from 1806 to 1846.  In 1846, Hamirpur came under the British. 


The writer Yashpal was born in Bhumpal.  Yashpal in 1918 AD   jumped into the freedom struggle. 

 Victoria Cross

Lance Naik Lala Ram of Hamirpur was awarded the Victoria Cross for his indomitable courage in the First World War.  He is the first Himachali to receive the Victoria Cross. 

Construction of District

Hamirpur District in 1966 AD Was a part of East Punjab.  Hamirpur as Tehsil of Kangra district in 1966 AD Merged in Himachal Pradesh.  Hamirpur was commissioned on 1 September 1972 Was separated from Kangra and made a district.  Before the creation of Hamirpur district (1972 AD), Hamirpur was a sub-division of the district Kangra.  Hamirpur district was formed from Hamirpur and Barsar 2 tehsils. In Year 1980 AD Sujanpur Tehra, Nadaun and Bhoranj tehsils were formed. 

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