Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 1

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 1–

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 1
Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 1

1. The Chamba princely state has more than 150 copper letters of title.  Approximately how many of these dates back to the Mohammedan (Muslim) era?
A.    Zero
B.    Two
C.    Five
D.    Seven
Answer – Zero.
2. Which of the following princely states has more than 150 copper letters of title?
A.    Kangra
B.    Chamba
C.    Bushahr
D.    Sirmaur
Answer – Chamba.
3. What are the main information sources about Ranas and Thakurs of Himachal Pradesh?
A.    Rajatarangini
B.    Prasad of Baijnath
C.    Inscriptions found in the princely state of Chamba
D.    All of the above
Answer – All of the above.
4. According to a copper sheet, Vikram Samvat 1717 Chamba city, according to Saka Samvat in which year it be? 
A.    1582
B.    1592
C.    1602
D.    1612
Answer – 1582.
5. Chakali copper coins which existed around the 10th century, was related to which place? 
A.    Bilaspur
B.    Kangra
C.    Chamba
D.    Kullu
Answer – Chamba.
6. Himachal Pradesh ancient inscriptions are not inscribed in which one ancient script? 
A.    Brahmi
B.    Sharda
C.    Indo – Greek
D.    Nagari
Answer – Indo-Greek.
7. Sohan Valley, which was once famous for excavation of old tools over 40 thousand years ago, where is it located now?
A.    In Tibet
B.    In Nepal
C.    In Pakistan
D.    In Afghanistan.
Answer – In Pakistan.
8. Which figure is found on the coins of the rulers of Oudumbar? 
A.    Lotus
B.    Trishul
C.    Peacock
D.    Sankh
Answer – Trishul
9. Whose figure is found on the coins of Kulindas? 
A.    Saraswati with Veena
B.    Vishnu with Lotus
C.    Shiva with Trishul
D.    Indra with Vajra
Answer – Shiva with Trishul.
10. In which script are the ancient rocky inscriptions of K. Pathiyar and Kanhiyara of Kangra?
A.    Brahmi and Tankri
B.    Kharoshthi and Tankari
C.    Brahmi and Kharoshthi
D.    Kharoshthi and Persian
Answer – Brahmi and Kharoshthi.
11. The Shambar king who fought against the Arya king Divodas was related to which ancient tribe?
A.    Kinnar
B.    Khas
C.    Kirat
D.    Das
Answer – Kirat.
12. Which ancient book of India describes Khas?
A.    Bhagavat Purana
B.    Vayu Purana
C.    Brihat Samhita
D.    All of the above
Answer – All of the above.
13. With which monk do the “Oudumbar” (Kaushik gotra) associate?
A.    Vashistha
B.    Bhrigu
C.    Vishwamitra
D.    Parashar
Answer- Vishwamitra
14. According to which Purana, “a person who thinks of the Himalayas without seeing it is in Kashi, receives Larger result by praying in Kashi “
A.    Shiva Purana
B.    Skanda Purana
C.    Vayu Purana
D.    Garuda Purana
Answer – Skanda Purana
15. Who is the helper of Shambar in the war with the Aryans king Divodas?
A.    Varchi
B.    Sudas
C.    Arjuna
D.    Pradyumna
Answer – Varchi

16. According to which scripture, non-Aryan tribes like Kol, Kirat, Yaksh and Naag was inhabited before Aryans? 
A.    Mahabharat
B.    Rigveda
C.    Manusmriti
D.    Yoga Vashistha
Answer – Rigveda.

17. Who lost in the 40 years long war between the ancient Aryan King Divodas and Shambar? 
A.    Shak
B.    Khas
C.    Kirat
D.    Kinnar
Answer – Kirat

18. Which religious text describes the 40 years’ war between Kirat Raja and Arya Raja? 
A.    In the Kathopanishad
B.    In the Rigveda
C.    In the Atharvaveda
D.    In the Hithopanishad
Answer – In the Rigveda.

19. How many years did the war between Divodas and Shambar mentioned in the Rigveda last?
A.    10 Years
B.    15 Years
C.    40 Years
D.    None of these
Answer – 40 Years.

20. Who was the chief advisor of Arya King Divodas? 
A.    Rishi Bhardwaj
B.    Panini
C.    Kapil Muni
D.    Megasthenes
Answer – Rishi Bhardwaj.

21 In Mahabharata war King Susarma fought from Kauravas side. And is believed to be the founder of an important dynasty of Himachal Pradesh.  By what name is this dynasty is known? 

A.    Katoch

B.    Bhankotia

C.    Pathania

D.    Kathwal

Answer – Katoch.

22. Which Katoch dynastic king of Kangra participated in the war on behalf of the Kauravas in the war of Mahabharata?

A.    Jagatchandra

B.    Sachendu

C.    Ganeshchandra

D.    Susharmchandra

Answer – Susharmchandra.

23. Which Arya king of the state fought with non-Aryan king Shambar several times ?

A.    Duvendra

B.    Divodas

C.    Sashank

D.    Prithu

Answer – Divodas.

24. Which was the second oldest hill state of Himachal Pradesh?

A.    Trigarta

B.    Bharmour

C.    Kutlehar

D.    Kullut

Answer – Kullut.

25. Where did Kulind reside permanently? 

A.    Kangra

B.    Kullu

C.    Kinnaur

D.    Shimla and Sirmaur

Answer – Shimla And Sirmaur.

26. According to the famous linguist Grierson, who were the first (former) acquaintances ‘Indo-Aryans’? 

A.    Khas

B.    Naga

C.    Das

D.    Kirat

Answer – Khas
27. Which of the following ancient Janjapati is thus believed to have been inhabited till the Himalayan Tarain, from the Ganges to the Chandrabhaga, Gupta kaal? 

A.    Das

B.    Kinnar

C.    Kirat

D.    Nag

Answer – Kinnar.

28. Around which century did Buddhist scholar Chandragomi write about Oudumbars?

A.    Second Century

B.    Third Century

C.    Fifth Century

D.    Seventh Century

Answer – Fifth Century.

29. A village famous for its oldest structure is named by Alexander the Great is.

A.    Pragpur

B.    Losar

C.    Malana

D.    Kahtur

Answer – Malana

30. What was the main reason for Sikandar’s decision not to move beyond the Beas river in the midst of his Bharat Vijay?

A.    Floods in Vyas and other rivers

B.    Fear of large army gathered by Indian rulers

C.      Rebellion of their chiefs

D.    Advice of his prophets

Answer – Advice of his prophets

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