Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 2-

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 2-

Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 2
Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 2

1. In which year did Alexander step on the banks of river Beas?

a)            326 BC

b)            221AD

c)             550AD

d)            50BC

Answer – 326BC

2. A stupa built by Ashoka in the Paonta Valley of Himachal Pradesh, where did that stupa was moved by Muslim ruler in Delhi? 

a)    Chandni Chowk

b)    Pahadganj

c)     Firoz Shah Kotla

d)    Shahdar

Answer – Firoz Shah Kotla

3. In what year did Hiuentsang travel to India? 

a)       629 BC

b)      292 BC

c)       629 AD

d)      922 AD

Answer – 629 BC

4. After the disintegration of Gupta Empire in 480-490, who among the following Established himself as a powerful ruler?

a)    Mihirkul

b)    Toramana

c)     Yashovardhan

d)    Harsha

Answer – Toramana

5. Who was Toramana?

a)    A Hun invader of the fifth century and Emperor

b)    A historian of Gupta dynasty

c)     A chieftain of Alexander’s army

d)    A monk Tartar, a monk preacher of Buddhism in China

Answer – A Hun invader of the fifth century and Emperor.

6. In its description, who has described the Trigarta as “a state 267 miles long from east to west and 213 miles wide from north to south”?

a)    Panini

b)    Kalhan

c)     Hiuentsang

d)    Ptolemy

Answer – Hiuentsang.

7. How long was the fort of Nagarkot occupied by the Turks (Mahmud Ghaznavi)? 

a)       Till 1192 AD

b)      Till 1043 AD

c)       Till 1092 AD

d)      Till 1143 AD

Answer – Till 1043 AD.

8. The fort of Kangra was captured and looted by Mahmud Ghaznavi in which year? 

a)    1009

b)    1008

c)     1007

d)    1005

Answer – 1009.

 9. By which Indian emperor the Kulindas, Yodayas and Arjunayas were forced to accept his sovereignty?

a)    Chandragupta Maurya

b)    Samudragupta

c)     Mahapatra Nanda

d)    Kanishka

Answer – Samudragupta.

10. In 1009 AD, who among the following robbed Nagarkot (Kangra)?

a)    Muhammad Ghori

b)    Mahmud Ghaznavi

c)     Nadir shah

d)    Ahmed Shah Abdali

Answer – Mahmud Ghaznavi.

11. Why was Hindu king Jaipal of the Shahia dynasty forced to make an abusive treaty with the ruler of Ghazni, Subuktagin.?

a)    Due to the rebellion of one of their warlords

b)    Due to the death of son

c)     Due to lack of funds

d)    Due to icy storm

Answer – Due to icy storm.

12. Mahmud Ghaznavi’s army destroyed which temple in Kangra? 

a)    Mahakali

b)    Chamunda

c)     Brajeshwari

d)    Jawalamukhi

Answer – Brajeshwari.

13. When Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s son Nasir-u-Din was ousted from power by his cousins ​​around 1387, where did he take refuge?

  Find the correct answer using codes

(i) In the hills of Sirmaur.

(ii) In Kangra Fort.

(iii) In the fort of Maloun

Code –

a)    Only (1) is correct.

b)    Only (ii) is correct.

c)     Only (iii) is correct.

d)    Both (i) and (ii) are correct

Answer – Both (i) and (ii) are correct

14. Who was the king of Kangra at the time of the Kangra invasion of Ferozeshah Tughlaq? 

a)    Parab chand

b)    Roop chand

c)     Prithvi Chand

d)    Megh Chand

Answer – Roop chand

15. Which Mughal ruler of Nagarkot in the late 14th century Besieged the fort for six months and eventually forced its ruler to surrender? 

a)    Allaudin Khiliji

b)    Mahmud Ghaznavi

c)     Aurangzeb

d)    Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Answer – Firoz Shah Tughlaq

16. Which ruler of Nurpur was a contemporary of Sikander Lodi? 

a)    Takhtpal

b)    Bhilpal

c)     Vasdev

d)    Nagpal

Answer – Bhilpal

17. When did Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq win the Kangra fort?

a)    1737

b)    1437

c)     1527

d)    1337

Answer – 1337.

18. Who was the king of Kangra at the time of Muhammad bin Tughluq (1337 AD)?

a)    Jaychand

b)    Shreechand

c)     Prithvichand

d)    DeepChand

Answer – Prithvichand

19. In 1337 A.D.  Which Muslim ruler captured Kangra (Nagarkot) Fort? 

a)    Muhammad bin Tughlaq

b)    Timurlang

c)     Mahmud Ghaznavi

d)    Muhammad Gauri

Answer – Muhammad bin Tughlaq

20. Those 1300 Sanskrit Books which were translated into Persian by the orders of Ferozeshah Tughlaq were kept in which of the following temples? 

a)    Jawalamukhi

b)    Masroor

c)     Baijnath

d)    Trilokinath

Answer – Jawalamukhi.

21. Which ruler of the hill princely states of Punjab, who was held hostage in the Mughal court, is given the title of ‘Mia’ by which ruler? 

a)    Akbar

b)    Jahangir

c)     Shahjahan

d)    Aurangzeb

Answer – Jahangir

22. In 1588-89 AD, which king of Kangra organized all the hill chiefs from Jammu to Kangra against Akbar?

a)    Vidhi Chandra

b)    Trilok Chandra

c)     Jay Chandra

d)    Bhim Chandra

Answer – Vidhi Chandra.

23. Which miracle recovered the Mughal Emperor Akbar from Jamlu as royal revenue , forced him to return the lost gold coin?

a)    Exceptionally moving of royal palaces

b)    Lightning from the clear sky

c)     Snowfall of Agra city

d)    All the members of the royal family hunger stop

Answer – Snowfall of Agra city

24. Which princely ruler helped Mughal Emperor Jahangir to take over  the fort of Kangra?

a)    Nalagarh

b)    Nurpur

c)     Chamba

d)    Guler

Answer – Nurpur

25. Shah Jahan, in 1645 AD, which king of the princely state of Nurpur was sent to control the Uzbeks of Balkh? 

a)    Jagat Singh

b)    Basdev (Vasu)

c)     Rajroop Singh

d)    Prithvi Singh

Answer – Jagat Singh.

26. The king of which princely state considered like son by the wife of Darashikoh ? 

a)    Kangra

b)    Sirmaur

c)     Nurpur

d)    Guler

Answer – Nurpur

27. Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1572 AD, provided whom Kangra as Jagir? 

a)    Todarmal  

b)    Birbal

c)     Bhagwandas

d)    Mansingh

Answer – Birbal

28. Who was the commander of the Mughal army which subdued the Kangra Fort in 1620 AD?

a)    Shah Kulikhan

b)    Sheikh Farid

c)     Mirza Rustam Kandhari

d)    Nawab Ali Khan

Answer – Nawab Ali Khan

29. Which Mughal emperor imprisoned Jaichand, the ruler of Kangra? 

a)    Aurangzeb

b)    Akbar

c)     Jahangir

d)    Shah Jahan

Answer – Akbar.

30. Which king of Himachal was given the title of Chhatrapati by Aurangzeb? 

a)    Pahad Chand

b)    Padam Singh

c)     Sumer Chand

d)    Kehri Singh

Answer – Kehri Singh.

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