Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 3

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 3-

Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 2
Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 3

1. Which ruler expanded his kingdom after the disintegration of the Mughal Empire?

A.    Raja Roopchand  

B.    Raja Vidhi Chand

C.    Raja Ghamandchand

D.    Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Answer – Raja Ghamandchand

2. In which of the following cities Jahangir built a mosque inside the fort? 

A.    Hamirpur

B.    Nagarkot

C.    Mandi

D.    Una

Answer – Nagarkot.

3. After the fall of the Mughal Empire and the Afghan hold on Punjab in 1752, whose bestness (occupation) was established on the hill states? 

A.    Jai Singh Kanhaiya

B.    Ahmad Shah Durrani  

C.    Amarsingh Thapa

D.    Guru Govind Singh

Answer – Ahmad shah Durrani.

4. In which year Shah Jahan appointed Raja Jagat Singh Pathania of Nurpur as the Faujdar of Kangra?

A.    1740

B.    1610

C.    1601

D.    1640

Answer – 1640

5. The battle of Nerti was fought between the rulers of which states? 

A.    Kangra – Chamba  

B.    Mandi – Suket  

C.    Bilaspur – Dhami

D.    Sirmaur – Keonthal

Answer – Kangra – Chamba.

6. Which Sikh Guru took three villages from the queen of Kahlur and made Makhowal village (later known as Anandpur Sahib) his residence? 

A.    Guru Nanak

B.    Guru Arjan Dev

C.    Guru Hargobind

D.    Guru TegBahadur

Answer ­- Guru TegBahadur

7. For the prosperity of which princely state did Guru Govind Singh perform Akhand Kirtan for eighteen days?

A.    Mandi

B.    Chamba

C.    Suket

D.    Sirmaur

Answer – Mandi.

8. “Battle of Bhangani Sahib” near Pawanta Sahib took place in between “Guru Govind Singh and ……….?

A.    Rampur Bushahr

B.    Mandi

C.    Bilaspur

D.    Sirmaur


Answer – Bilaspur.

9. The king of which princely state to avoid the invasion of army of Sikhs around 1840 escaped toward the mountains?

A.    Mandi

B.    Suket

C.    Kullu

D.    Kahlur

Answer – Kullu.

10. Which princely state was imprisoned by the Sikh army around 1840 AD? 

A.    Suket

B.    Mandi

C.    Kullu

D.    All of the above

Answer – Mandi

11. Who led the Sikh army against the princely states of Suket and Mandi around 1840?

A.    Ranjit Singh

B.    General Ventura

C.    Sher Singh

D.    Jassa Singh Ramgarhia

Answer – General Ventura.

12. What estate was provided by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to Raja Ranveer Chand around 1846? 

A.    Pathiyar and Kharot

B.    Solahsingi and Chaumukhi

C.    Sujanpur Tehra

D.    Mahal Moriyo

Answer – Mahal Moriyo.

13. Who was the last state of the Kangra group to lose its independence from the Sikhs?

A.    Kutlehar

B.    Guler

C.    Dattarpur

D.    Kullu

Answer – Kullu.

14. The first Sikh chieftain to invade the hills of Kangra was?

A.    Jassa Singh Ramgarhia

B.    Jai Singh Kanhaiya

C.    Gurbax Singh

D.    Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Answer – Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.

15. In which year did Jai Singh Kanhaiya defeat Jassa Singh Ramgarhia and capture Kangra? 

A.    1770

B.    1775

C.    1780

D.    1785

Answer – 1775.

16. In which year Dattarpur princely state came under Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

A.    1709 AD

B.    1779 AD

C.    1799 AD

D.    1809 AD

Answer – 1809 AD.

17. Due to which main demand there was bitterness in the relation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and King Anirudh Chand of Kangra?

A.    2 lakhs demand to pay attention

B.    Demand to capture Kangra Fort

C.    Demand to marry Anirudh Chand’s sister to Dhyan Singh’s son

D.    Anirudh Chand’s growing connivance with British

Answer – Demand to marry Anirudh Chand’s sister to Dhyan Singh’s son

18. Why did King Sansar Chand hand over the Kangra Fort and 66 villages to Maharaja Ranjit Singh? 

A.    In return for the guarantee of protection from the British

B.    In return for the timely help of defeating the Gurkhas

C.    As a gift on coronation as king

D.    As a donation to the building of the gurudwara in Himachal Pradesh

Answer – In return for the timely help of defeating the Gurkhas

19. In which year Sikh General Zorawar Singh annexed the area of ​​Lahaul Spiti in his Sikh state.

A.    1737

B.    1573

C.    1842

D.    1627

Answer – 1842.

20. Who was the first Nazim or Governor of Kangra Hill appointed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after defeating Gorkhas?

A.    Desa Singh Majithia  

B.    Dhyan Singh

C.    Bhan Singh

D.    Bir Singh

Answer – Desa Singh Majithia.

21. Who among the following Arbitrated to settle ownership dispute at Kangra Fort between Raja Sansarchand and Jai singh Ramgarhia? 

A.    Saifali Khan

B.    Jeevan Khan

C.    Maharaja Ranjit Singh

D.    Raja Birbal

Answer – Maharaja Ranjit Singh

22.In 1770 who forced to King Ghamand chand to pay homage? 

A.    Jassa Singh

B.    Amarsingh Thapa

C.    Ahmad Shah Abdali

D.    Jai Singh

Answer – Jassa Singh.

23. In which year Maharaja Sansarchand died? 

A.    1823

B.    1858

C.    1773

D.    1802

Answer – 1823.

24. Which king of Bilaspur invited Gurkhas for help against Sansar Chand, the king of Kangra? 

A.    Bhim Chand

B.    Mahan Chand

C.    Devi Chand

D.    Khadak chand

Answer – Mahan Chand

25. In 1815, near which fort there was a war between British and Gorkhas, in that war Bhakti Thapa was killed?

A.    Maloun

B.    Kamalah

C.    Kotla

D.    Lohgarh

Answer – Maloun

26. King Sansarchand had to seek external help to expel the Gorkhas from Kangra.  Who provided this crisis support? 

A.    General Zorawar Singh

B.    Raja Gulab Singh

C.    Maharaja Ranjit Singh

D.    General Harisingh Nalwa

Answer – Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

27. Which two parties signed the Treaty of Sangauli in 1815? 

A.    King of Gorkha and Bushahr

B.    English and Maharaja Ranjit Singh

C.    Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Raja Sansar Chand

D.    Gorkha and British

Answer – Gorkha and British.

28. Where is the historical place located called Mahal Moriyo where there was a war between King Sansarchand and Gorkhas? 

A.    Chamba

B.    Shimla

C.    Kangra

D.    Hamirpur

Answer – Hamirpur.

30. In 1804, when the Gurkhas attacked Kangra, who was the king of Jaswan at that time? 

A.    Bhilpal

B.    Umedchand

C.    Shreesingh  

D.    Rupchand

Answer – Umedchand.

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