Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 4

Himachal Pradesh GK- HP GK – Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 4-

Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 4
Himachal Pradesh History Questions test series 4

1. Who led the Gorkha army which invaded many hill states in the early nineteenth century?

A.      Amar Singh Thapa

B.      Maharaja Mahendra

C.      Rana Jung Bahadur

D.      Arjun Singh Gorkha

Answer – Amar Singh Thapa.

2. Which treaty Indicates the departure of the Gorkhas and the arrival of the British in the political table of hill princely states of Shimla?
A.    Treaty of Sangauli

B.    Treaty of Lahore

C.    Treaty of Malao

D.    Treaty of Ramgarh

Answer – Treaty of Sangauli

3. Which Gorkha leader defeated Sansar Chand of Kangra near Hamirpur in 1805?

A.    Anirudh Thapa  

B.    Amar Singh Thapa

C.    Heera Singh Thapa

D.    Manoj Thapa

Answer – Amar Singh Thapa.

4. In 1805, where did Amar Singh Thapa defeated Sansar Chand?

A.    Jwalamukhi

B.    Mahal Moriya

C.    Bilaspur

D.    Luthiyani

Answer – Mahal Moriyo

5. How long the Gurkhas held authority over the Bilaspur princely state?

A.    Till 1814

B.    Till 1817

C.    Till 1806

D.    Till 1820 

Answer – Till 1814.

6. The names of the passengers in the list I and their excursion in List II were-

List I                                          List II

(i)Hiuentsang                             (a) 1815

(ii) Alexander Girard                  (b) 1820-22

(iii) W.  Moorcraft                       (c) 630 AD

(iv) J.B.  Fraser                          (d)1817-18

Arrange the above according to the year of their visit by the following code:

             (i)   (ii)  (iii) (iv)

A.    (c)  (a)  (b)  (d)

B.    (c)  (b)  (a)  (d)

C.    (c)  (a)  (d)  (b)

D.    (c)  (b)  (d)  (a)

Answer – (c) (b) (d) (c).

7. In which place was the decisive war between the Gorkhas and the British during the first quarter of the nineteenth century? 

A.    Jataka Hills

B.    Haripur Dhar

C.    Sen Dhar

D.    Dharthi Dhar

Answer – Jataka Hills.
8. In 1804 AD the rulers of Bilaspur, Mandi, Chamba and younger kings of Kangra district invited whom to win Kangra? 

A.    Gorkha Army Chief Amar Singh Thapa

B.    British Army

C.    Mughal

D.    Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Answer- Gorkha Army Chief Amar Singh Thapa

9. Around 1814-15 AD, where was the decisive battle between the Gurkhas and the Bushahr principality in which the Gurkhas were driven away?

A.    Arhaal

B.    Crassa

C.    Chidgaon

D.    Khadrala

Answer – Chidgaon

10. ‘Hatu Fort’ is located in which region of Himachal Pradesh?

A.    Mandi Valley

B.    Kullu Valley

C.    Sangla Valley

D.    None of these

Answer – None of these.

11. In 1848 AD  which native princely state of Kangra Group of States stood up against the British?

A.    Sibba

B.    Nurpur

C.    Jaswan

D.    Guler

Answer- Nurpur.
12. The graves of Britishers who died in the Anglo-Gorkha War of 1814-15, in which of the following places?

A.    Kunihar Valley

B.    Balh Valley

C.    Danvi Valley

D.    Lohar Valley

Answer – Lohar Valley.

13. The British had the first Nasiri battalion-

A.    Rohilla

B.    Jaat

C.    Gorkha

D.    Rajput

Answer- Gorkha
14. The British gave name to the hill states on the right side of the Sutlej River ,the Punjab Hill State and the hill states on the left side , Shimla Hill?  Which princely state was not joining both the categories under this division because the Sutlej river divided the princely state into two equal parts? 

A.    Suket

B.    Hundur

C.    Kutlehar

D.    Kahlur

Answer – Kahlur.

15. To whom did the British confer the status of ‘Punjab Hill States’? 

A.    Princely states which were under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. 

B.    British – The princely states won by the British in the Gorkha war. 

C.    The princely states which were situated on the right bank of the Sutlej River. 

D.    Which used to be from Punjab

Answer – The princely states which were situated on the right bank of the Sutlej River. 
16. Which Governor General of India helped the King Ranbir Chand of Kangra to take control of some part of his kingdom from Maharaja Ranjit Singh? 

A.    Lord Wellesley

B.    Lord William Bentick

C.    Lord Cornwallis

D.    Lord Dalhousie

Answer – Lord William Bentick
17. Through whom does the British Government control its princely states?

A.    Political Agent  

B.    Resident Commissioner

C.    Superintendent (of the state)

D.    All of the above

Answer – All of the above.
18. In which year the sovereignty of the territories between Beas and Sutlej came under the British Government? 

A.    1815 AD

B.    1830 AD

C.    1846 AD

D.    1848 AD

Answer – 1846 AD.

19. What action was taken by the British Government through the ‘Shimla Declaration’?

A.    Declaration of War against Afghanistan

B.    Pact with Maharaja Ranjit Singh

C.    Establishment of First (First) Church in Shimla

D.    Start of laying Kalka-Shimla Railway Line 

Answer – Declaration of War against Afghanistan.

20. Which Viceroy supported the selection of Shimla as the summer capital of British India in these words- “This is the only place in India where a Viceroy calls himself Patriot  – Could keep it free from the pall. “

A.    Lord Curzon

B.    Laud Minto

C.    Lord Reading

D.    Lord Chelmsford
Answer – Lord Curzon

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