Himgiri Himachal GK Quiz Series-18 for HAS HPPSC

Himachal Gk Quiz for HAS HPPSC

 The General Post Office of India on

the Mall Shimla is located in which


a) Oakover

b) Conny Lodge


d) Barns Court

When the political conference held

at “Taal” in Sujanpur which the

British Government tried to

suppress ?

a) 1926 AD.

b) 1927 AD.

c) 1930 AD.

d) 1921 AD.

Which country took refuge with the

British Govt. & established its

government-in-exile at Summer Hill

Shimla in 1942 AD?

a) Bhutan

b) Burma


d) Hong Kong

In Dec., 1945 AD. where the

conference of All India Desi State

Government was held?

a)Tal Hamirpur

b) Udaypur


d) Sirmour

5. In the year 1946 AD. where Pt.

Jawahar Lal Nehru address the large

meeting of Praja Mandal & Kisan





d) Mandi

Where was the last viceroy of lndia

Lord Mount batten roaming around

on 15th Aug., 1947 AD. in free India?

a) New Delhi

b) Culcutta

c)Shimla, Mall

d) Solan

. Which writer of Firoz Shah Tuglag

translated about 1300 books from

Jwalamukhi temple library in

Persian under the title “Dalail-i-

Firoz Shahi?


b) Izzuddin Khalid Khani

c)Todar Mul

d) Murtaza Khan

. The coins of which republic was

surmounted by an umbrella, a trident,

to the left svastika & on the reverse

six arched chaitya, circle surrounded

by four triratna conventional lotus &

taurine symbol?

a) Kunindas



d) Trigartas

. On 13th July, 1939 AD. a meeting of

the Shimla Hill States Praja Mandals

was held at Shimla under the

Chairmanship of which leader?

a) Dr.YS Parmar

b)Padam Dev

c) Bhag Mul Sohta


What was the total number of

district on 1st Nov. 1966 AD.?


b) 10

c) 12


Himgiri Himachal GK Quiz for HAS , HPPSC and all other Govt. exams

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