HP Current Affairs 14 March 2023: E-waste Collection, Supplementary Budget, and Corona Alert

This article covers the latest news on Himachal Pradesh, including the launch of an e-waste collection drive, the presentation of a supplementary budget, and the current high alert for Corona cases. Stay informed with the most recent updates on HP Current Affairs as of March 14, 2023.

HP Current Affairs 14 March 2023
HP Current Affairs 14 March 2023

HPSPCB’s E-Waste Collection Drive: Promoting Proper Disposal and Awareness

  • HP State Pollution Control Board (HPSPCB) initiates an e-waste collection drive with a mobile van.
  • The campaign aims to raise awareness on the significance of proper e-waste disposal.
  • E-waste can cause harm to the environment and human health due to toxic materials used in the devices.
  • The collected e-waste will be sent for scientific disposal, refurbishing or recycling.

Himachal Pradesh Supplementary Budget: Highlights

  • Himachal Pradesh presented a supplementary budget with an allocation of 13,141.07 crores.
  • Rs 11,707.68 crore earmarked for state-sponsored schemes and Rs 1,433.39 crore for centrally sponsored schemes.
  • The budget allocation includes funds for wages and means, pensions, electricity subsidy, hospital construction, education, and transportation.
  • The budget also covers natural calamity relief schemes, crop insurance, rural local bodies grants, roads, bridges, and justice administration.

Paragliding Pre-World Accuracy Cup Championship in Himachal Pradesh

  • Himachal Pradesh reports an increase in active cases of coronavirus after a month of being free from the virus.
  • Solan district has the highest number of active cases with 25, followed by Hamirpur, Kangra, and Mandi.
  • People are advised to follow COVID-19 guidelines and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

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What is the purpose of HPSPCB’s E-waste Collection-cum-Awareness drive?

The purpose of HPSPCB’s E-waste Collection-cum-Awareness drive is to raise awareness about the importance of proper e-waste disposal and encourage people to dispose of their electronic and electric devices in a scientific manner.

What is the definition of e-waste?

E-waste includes any electronic and electric device that is no longer in use or has reached the end of its life cycle.

What is the total amount of the supplementary budget presented by the Himachal government?

The Himachal government presented a supplementary budget of 13141.07 crores.

How many active cases of coronavirus are there in Himachal as of March 14, 2023?

As of March 14, 2023, there are 60 active cases of coronavirus in Himachal, with Solan district having the highest number of 25 active cases.

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