ISB and State Government Partner to Revolutionize Bio-energy Sector

State Government partners with the Indian School of Business for the bio-energy sector

The State Government plans to partner with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to provide policy inputs and research support for the bio-energy sector. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu announced this while presiding over a meeting with representatives from ISB. The Government aims to initiate a pilot project for bio-energy production from pine needles and bamboo, which would involve the local community and increase their income.

ISB and State Government Partner to Revolutionize Bio-energy Sector
ISB and State Government Partner to Revolutionize Bio-energy Sector

Substitutes for fossil fuels

The Government is exploring alternatives to fossil fuels, including fuel briquettes made from pine needles, which have a higher calorific value. This would help reduce emissions and strengthen the rural economy. ISB would provide the business model and technology for the project, and ensure adequate market linkage.

Ethanol blending and bio-products

The Government aims to achieve the target of a ‘Green Energy State’ by 2025 and increase ethanol blending in petrol from 10% to 20%. ISB will undertake the task of making ethanol, compressed bio-gas, and bio-fertilizer from bamboo. The residue of ethanol production from bamboo can be used to produce compressed bio-gas and bio-fertilizer in large quantities.

Community ownership of forests

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of community ownership of forests, as it provides incentives for communities to protect and manage them sustainably. Community ownership is associated with greater social responsibility and increased incentives for forest protection. This approach would attract industrial partners and private investments, improving environmental, social, and governance issues.

Projects are undertaken by ISB

The Executive Director of ISB, Prof. Ashwini Chhatre, and Policy Director, Dr. Aarushi Jain, elaborated on the various projects undertaken by the ISB.

During the meeting, the Executive Director and Policy Director of ISB, Prof. Ashwini Chhatre and Dr. Aarushi Jain, respectively, shared details about the various projects undertaken by the organization. With the assistance and cooperation of the State Government, ISB plans to use its business model and technology expertise to ensure the success of the bio-energy pilot project.

The partnership between the State Government and ISB is expected to boost the bio-energy sector in the region and create employment opportunities for the local community. The initiative would also help reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to the country’s efforts to promote renewable energy sources.

In conclusion, the State Government’s partnership with ISB to promote bio-energy is a positive step towards achieving the goal of a ‘Green Energy State’ by 2025. With the involvement of the local community and ISB’s business and technology expertise, the project is expected to succeed and pave the way for similar initiatives in the future.

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