Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh Fully explained | History | DDHE | DDEE|Tourism Places

Kangra Himachal Pradesh Fully explained | History | DDHE | DDEE|Tourism Places

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Kangra (briefly explained)

Kangra District
Kangra District
Kangra is a district in Himachal Pradesh of country India. Kangra is a densely populated district in Himachal Pradesh. The dimensions of Kangra in map Is 31` 21’ to 32` 59’ North latitude and 75` 47’ 55” to 77` 45’ East longitude. it is basically located on the southern downhill (Dhalaan) of the Himalayas.  Due to the Himalayas, Dhauladhar and the Shivaliks varying altitude the whole area of Kangra district is traversed (simply it means due to these mountains range the area become traverse means moving sideways or walking across a steep slope).

 The altitude of area varies from 500 metres above mean sea level to around 5000 metres sea level. Kangra is enclosed by Chamba and Lahaul and Spiti district from north, Hamirpur and Una encloses Kangra from south, mandi enclose it from east and west side is enclosed by Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

The existence of present Kangra district came at 1stSeptember, 1972 as a result of re-organization of districts by the Himachal Pradesh government. Until the district was not added to Himachal Pradesh it was the largest district in complex Panjab in term of area. A 1st November, 1966 it was transferred to himachal Pradesh. On that time, it has 6 tehsils namely Nurpur, Kangra, Palampur, Dehragopipur, Hamirpur and Una.

Name of Kangra district was derived from its town named Kangra, in ancient times it was known as Nagarkot. Proper Kangra was originally a part of ancient “Trigarta” or (Jullundur), the area was included which was lied between the river “Shatadaroo” (probably Sutlej) and Ravi. guys don’t confuse between Sutlej and Sutlej both are different rivers.  Sutlej is a river which is longest river of all five rivers that flow through the historic region of Panjab in northern India and Pakistan. Another name of Sutlej is Satadree. It is the tributary river of Indus river (easternmost).

The administrative headquarters of the district is Dharamshala. in Kangra there a beautiful creation named Masroor Rock cut temple, it is a temple which is made by cutting a huge rock, the art which is done in this temple is marvelous. this beautiful temple is also named as Himalayan Pyramids. it is a wonder of the world and it is a competitor for UNESCO World heritage site. there is also a famous and religious place in Kangra named as Jawalamukhi Mata Mandir it is a one of the Shakti peetha. Its history is related to Devi Sati wife of lord Shiva (if you want to learn more about this topic then comment below, we will publish separate topic on it). And also, there is a fort named Kangra fort which has its own history we will discuss this topic onward.

Kangra become a defecation free state and Kangra will get prize from our PM on 2 October under Swacch Bharat Mission.

Kangra District basic details: –

Himachal Pradesh
Tehsils (Talukas)
there are 15 tehsils in Kangra namely as below
Kangra, Nurpur, Jawali, Indora, Dehra, Shahpur, Baroh, Khundian, Jaswan, Rakkar, Fatehpur, Baijnath, Jaisinghpur, Dharamshala, Palampur.
Headquarters of Kangra
Total Area
5,739 km^2 (2,216 sq. mi).
Densely populated district.
Population (2011)
263/km^2 (680/sq. mi)
Officially Hindi
Kangra Pin code
Largest city of Kangra
Dharamshala and Kangra
Gender Ratio
1013 females / 1000 males
Literacy rate
Kangra temperature
Kangra is basically hot area.
Average summer temperature
32-degree celsius (90-degree Fahrenheit)
Average winter temperature
20-degree celsius (68-degree Fahrenheit)
Kangra Weather
DC Kangra current
Rakesh Kumar Prajapati (IAS)
Superintendent of police current
Vimukt Ranjan (IPS)
Lok Sabha Constituency
Vidhan Sabha Constituencies
Nurpur, Indora, Fatehpur, Jawali, Dehra, Jaswan-Pragpur, Jawalamukhi, Jaisinghpur (SC), Sullah, Nagrota, Kangra, Shahpur, Dharamshala, Palampur, Baijnath (SC).


Geographical location

 Kangra district is located between 32 ° 40 ‘to 32 ° 25’ north latitude and 70 ° 35 to 77 ° 05 east longitude in the northwest of Himachal Pradesh.  Una, Hamirpur and Mandi districts are situated to the south of Kangra.  Its borders linked with Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti in the east, Chamba in the north and the state of Punjab in the west. 

Mountain ranges –

Dhauladhar mountain – The chain crosses the Bhangal region via Kullu and enters Kangra district.  It runs parallel to Chamba’s elephant. 

Rivers –

The Beas river rises from Rohtang Kullu and enters Kangra from Sanghol of Palampur tehsil after Mandi.  The river Beas enters Punjab (Gurdaspur), leaving Kangra near Mirthal via Nadaun.  The Binwa river, originating from the hills of Baijnath, joins the Beas at Sanghol.  The Newgal River joins Beas near Sujanpur Tehra.  Dehar and Chakki Khad form the border of Kangra and Punjab

Lakes –

Dal, Kareri (natural) and Pong (artificial) lakes are located in Kangra

History: –

Ancient history of Kangra princely state – Kangra was famous as Trigarta in ancient times, which is believed to be established before the Mahabharata war.  This princely state was founded by Bhumichand, whose capital was Multan (Pakistan).  The 234th king of this dynasty (generation), Susharma, made him his capital upon the establishment of the fort at Kangra in Jalandhar Trigarta.

  • Trigarta means – Trigarta literally means the terrain spread between three rivers Ravi, Vyasa and Sutlej.  The confluence of Banganga, Kurali and Newgal is also called Trigarta.

  • Jalandhar – The name Jalandhar, according to Padma purana and Cunninghan, is derived from the demon Jalandhar.  Whom Lord Shiva killed. 

 • Capital – The capital of the princely state of Trigarta was Nagarkot (present Kangra city) which was also known as Bhimkot, Bhim Nagar and Susharmapur.  The city was founded by Susharma.  Mahmud Ghazni’s courtier Utvi in ​​his book called it Bhimnagar, Farishta by Bhimkot, Alberuni as Nagarkot. 

 • Description in books – The name Trigarta is found in Mahabharata, Puranas and Rajatarangini.  In the Ashtadhyayi of Panini, the Trigarta is called the Ordnance Association. 

 • Mahabharata period – In the war of Mahabharata, Susarma took the side of the Kauravas.  He also attacked King Virat of Matsya country. 

Meaning of Kangra – Meaning of Kangra.  Ear bastion When Lord Shiva killed the demon Janghar, the place where his ears fell, was later called Kangra. 

European traveler – 1615 AD in Thomas Koryat, 1666 AD Thevenot in, Foster in 1783 and 1832 AD.  William Moorecroft traveled to Kangra.

According to Rajatarangini 470 AD Best Army in, 520 ADS in Pravar Sena (both kings of Kashmir) invaded Trigarta and won it.  Wensang 635 AD came to Kangra as a guest of King Utita (Udima) of Kangra.  He was again in 643 AD.  came to Kangra.  King Prithivichad of Kangra (883-903) fought against King Shankar Varman of Kashmir. 

 To read full History of Kangra click here  or go to Our Kangra History Post .

Religious Places and Temples

 Jwalamukhi Temple – Akbar had offered a golden umbrella to this temple and Ferozeshah Tughlaq had taken 1300 books from here for translation into Persian.  Brajeshwari Temple – This temple was looted by Mahmud Ghaznabi.  Masroor rock cut temple of Kangra is called Ajanta of Himachal Pradesh.  Shiva temple in Baijnath, Ganga temple in Nurpur, Chamunda temple etc. are all in Kangra district.

Tourism Places

Triund – Mellow trekking spot with scenic views .

Kangra Valley – Scenic valley with the famous temple.

Kareri Lake – Lake with Quaint Houseboats and Gardens.

Kangra Fort – Archaeological Remains , a museum and tour.

Bhagsunag falls – Popular , Scenic waterfall and a rockey pool.

Chamunda temple- Hilltop Hindu temple.

Masrur Rock temple – Ancient Rock-cut temple complex.

Jawala Ji temple – Hindu Temple.

Nurpur Fort – History.

Baijnath Temple – Historic Hindu Temple, Garden.

Palampur tea Gardens – Gardens.

Pong Dam – Dam, Amazing View.

Dharamshala Stadium- Cricket Stadium.

Indru Nag temple – Hindu temple.

Maa Chintpurni Temple – Hindu Temple Sacred and Pilgrimage site.

DDHE Kangra at Dharamshala (Deputy director of Higher education) or Department of Higher Education –

 ddhe Kangra -Mr. Kuldeep Kumar. (ddhe kangra).

Director of Hr. Education – Dr. Amarjeet K Sharma.

Address of ddhe kangra at dharamshala. -Deputy director of Higher education

                                                                     Kangra – Dharamshala 176215

Email address – ddhekangra1@rediffmail.com.

Deputy Director of Elementary Education (ddee kangra)-

Sh. RajKumar Sharma Deputy Director of Elementary Education kangra. (ddee kangra at dharamshala)

Website -http://ddeekangra.in

Address- ddee kangra at dharamshala 176215, college road, Jawahar Nagar, Dharamshala.

Kangra fort –

The kangra fort is basically located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Fort is 2-3 km away from main kangra and approx. 20 KM away from Dharamshala.

This fort is being run by H.P. Government means this fort is under the control of Himachal government. This fort was basically made by the Rajput Royal family of kangra the family was Katoch family (dynasty), this show us that this fort belongs to ancient Trigarta Kingdom and this is revealed in the Mahabharata epic. This fort has created many records, it is recorded that this fort is largest fort in the Himalayas and may be the oldest fort in India as per the documental dates.

Minimally three Kings hunted to take over this fort and loot the treasures of the temples , many Emperors looted the treasures of the temples they are named as Mahmud Ghazni looted in 1009, Firuz Shah Tughluq looted in 1360 And Sher Shah looted in 1540.Akbar’s siege was resisted by the kangra fort , then later on the son of Akbar’s son  Jahangir successfully take over this fort in 1620. At that time kangra was ruled by Raja Hari Chand. Suraj Mal helped Jahangir with his troops. Murtaza Khan the governor of Panjab was directed under the Jahangir to take over the Kangra. But he failed in this because of the Jealousy of the Rajput chiefs whom were associated with them. then the charge of command was given to Prince Khurram. Kangra’s siege was pushed on for weeks. Supplies were cut-down

The garrisons had to live on boiled dry grass. Starvation and death were faced with it. the fort surrendered after the 14-month siege at November,1620. Jahangir ordered to kill the bullock there. In fort the Mosque was also built.

The Mughal controlled regions were looted by Katoch Kings repeatedly to weaken the control of Mughals and also supported many other kings to weaken the Mughals.  the success of recovering the ancestors fort was gained by Raja Sansar Chand || in 1789. He fought many battles one side with Gurkhas and to other side with Sikh king Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. the conspiracies were led on Sansar Chand because he jailed his neighboring Kings. the gates of fort were kept open for the supplies during battle between Sikhs and Katoch

The forced Alliance was made in between Sansar Chand and Ranjeet Singh due to the entry of Gorkhali army through the opened scarcely armed gates. the Gurkhas left fort because of the insufficiency of the need with in the fort, after a long war between Sikh and Gurkhas and no one procure. Until 1828 the fort was remained with the Katoch. After 1828 the fort was annexed by Ranjeet Singh after the death of Sansar Chand. After the Sikh war in 1846 the fort was finally taken by British government. this fort was occupied by a British garrison until it was heavily damaged by Earthquake on 4 April 1905. So, this was the whole history of Kangra fort. I hope you enjoyed this.

One more topic that I want to discuss is the Kangra’ most famous YouTube Channel – Kangra Boys.

Kangra boys –

This channel was created on 23 November 2015. This channel contains funny videos.

                        There are basically three actors which Act in videos. Which Are named as Puneet Suman, Sachin Dogra, Rajat Dogra. Rajat and Sachin both are brothers and the starting idea of this channel was of Sachin. And now a days these guys are so famous all over the Himachal. And they are doing great Job, and people of Himachal keep loving their videos and supporting then to grow their channel

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