Lakes in Himachal Pradesh district wise | Most important questions – Answers related lakes in Himachal Pradesh

Lakes in Himachal Pradesh district wise | Most important questions – Answers related lakes in Himachal Pradesh

Lakes in Himachal Pradesh
Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

(A) Himachal Pradesh Manmade/Artificial Lakes.

(1) Govind Sagar Lake –

Govind Sagar is the largest artificial lake in Himachal Pradesh.  This lake is built on the Satluj River in Bilaspur district.  The length of this lake is 88 km.  The area of ​​this lake is 169 sq km.  A 226-meter-high Bhakra Dam has been built on it, which was completed in 1963.

(2) Pong Lake –

This lake is situated in Kangra district.  This lake is built on the Beas river.  Its length is 42 km. There is also Pong Dam near this lake, which was built in 1960.  This lake is known as Maharana Pratap Sagar.  It was declared a sanctuary in 1983.  In the year 1994, it was declared a national level forest land and in 2002 it was declared a Ramsar site

(3) Pandoh lake –

This lake is situated on the Beas river in Mandi district.  Its length is 14 km.  And it is on the side of National Highway-21.  The Sutlej Vyas link provides irrigation facility to the Balh valley of Sundernagar. 

(4) Chamera Lake –

Chamera lake has been constructed on the Ravi river on the Chamba-Pathankot road in Chamba district.  A 540 MW Chamera hydropower project is located on it. 

(B) Natural Lakes of Himachal Pradesh

(1) Lakes in Chamba District.

Manimahesh Lake –

Manimahesh Lake situated in Bharmour sub-division is situated at an altitude of 4200 meters.  Here on Raksha Bandhan has a small bath and on Radha Ashtami has a big bath (Naun).  There are Gauri Kund (female bath) and Shivkund (male bath).  Dhanchho is 7 km Away from here, where Shiva took refuge to escape from Bhasmasura. 

Gadasaru Mahadev Lake –

1 km – Circumference, height – 3505 m.  (Located near Devi Kothi in Churah Tehsil) 

Khajjiar lake –

0.5 km Long, height – 1951 m. 

Khajjiar is also known as the Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh.  P.  Blazer delivered this name to this lake on July 7, 1992.  It is ranked 160th in the world, which has been given the status of Mini Switzerland.  It is far 6194 km from Bern, the capital of Switzerland.  The temple of Khajji Nag is situated here.  

Lama Lake –

Altitude is 3962 m. It is a group of seven lakes.  (Located in Bharmour sub-division.)

Mahakali Lake –

3657 meters in height, dedicated to Goddess Kali.  (Located in Chanju Panchayat in Khundi in Churah Tehsil). Apart from this there are Chanderkup, Baisakhi, Chamunda, Mahal Nag Dal Lake in Chamba district. 

(2) Lakes in Kangra District.

Dal Lake –

Height 1775 meters, 11 km far from Dharamshala.  There is a temple of Bhagsu Nath.  

Kareri Lake – 

Height 3048 m.

Machhiyal Lake –

This lake is located near the Jogal Khad in Nagrota Bagwan.  Along with this lake, the temple of Machindra Mahadev and Santoshi Ma is situated.  It has been the “Taposthali” of Machindra Nath. 

(3) Lakes in Mandi district.

Kumarwah lake –

Height 3150 m. 

Parashar Lake –

Height 2743 m.  A circular island is also seen floating in it.  Here is the temple of Pagoda style sage Parashar, which was built by Ban Sen.  Rishi Parashar was the father of Ved Vyas. 

Rewalsar Lake –

This lake is also called Padmachan by Buddhists.  Chheshu fair is held here on the birth day of Buddhist monk Padmasambhava.  This lake is a pilgrimage place for people of all three religions Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist.  It is also called a lake of floating islands.  It has been the “Taposthali” of Lomash Rishi. 

Kamrunag Lake –

This lake is located in Chachyot tehsil at a height of 3150 meters.  To the east of this lake lies the temple of Shikari Devi at an elevation. 

Kunt bhayog Lake –

 This lake is at a height of 1700 meters, 4 km far from Rewalsar.  Located on the main Naina Devi Dhar.  This lake is related to Kunti, the mother of Pandavas. 

Kalasar Lake –

This lake is situated at an altitude of 1755 meters on the summit of the city, situated on the banks of Lake Rewalsar. 

Sukhsar Lake; Leelasar Lake; Davaru sir lake; Khadlasar Lake; Macchial lake. 

(4) Lakes in Kullu District .

Mantalai Lake –

The Lake Parvati originates from this lake situated at an altitude of 4116 meters

Dayori Lake –

(Located in Sainj Valley)

Hansa Lake –

(Located in Sainj Valley)

Bhrigu Lake –

This was the Taposthali of Bhrigu Rishi. 

Shringtingu Lake –

This was the Taposthali of Shring Rishi. 

Dashir Lake –

Located at a height of 4200 meters, this lake is 25 km far from Manali.  By taking a bath here, Akbar’s daughter’s hemorrhage was cured. 

Nainsar Lake –

This lake is situated at an altitude of 4000 meters between Bhimdwar and Srikhand Mahadev in the outer Siraj.  Here Bhima prepared the cave.  Pilgrims bathe in it during the journey of Srikhand Mahadev. 

Serolsar Lake –

Located at an altitude of 3100 meters, this lake is located to the south-east of Jalori Pass.  The Goddess of this lake is the old serpent (Naagin) whose temple is in Ghiyagi.  A small bird named Aabhi cleans its water.  It is located in Banjar subdivision.

Dehnasar Lake –

This lake is situated at an altitude of 15,000 feet, near this lake Lord Shiva killed the witch with a trident. 

Hansa lake – (in Banjar subdivision)

Sarital lake

(5) Lakes in  Lahaul – Spiti district

Chandra Taal lake –

Hiuentsang named it Lohitya Sarovar.  The lake is located at Spiti at an altitude of 4270 meters.  The Chandra River originates from this lake.  This lake is the Ramsar site. 

Surajtal Lake –

The Bhaga River originates from this lake situated at 4883 m altitude.  This lake is located near Baralacha Dar. 

Deepak Tal Lake –

Situated at an altitude of 3200 meters between Darcha and Baralacha, this lake is considered the younger brother of Surajtal Lake. 

Yunam-so Lake –

Located in Lahaul, this lake is situated at an altitude of 4680 meters. 

Neelkanth Lake –

Only men are allowed to visit this lake located in the Nangar valley of Lahaul.  This lake is blue in color; hence it is called Neelkanth. 

Dhankar Lake –

This lake is located in Spiti. 

Sissu Lake

(6) Lakes in Shimla District.

Chandranahan Lake –

Height – 4267 m.  (Located at Rohru, Shimla) Pabbar River originating point.  This lake is a group of 7 ponds. 

Tanu Jubbal Lake (near Narkanda)

Garh Kufri. 

Karali Lake 

Bradonsar Lake

(7) Lakes in Kinnaur District. 

Nako Lake –

Altitude 3662 m. 

Sorang Lake 

(8) Lakes in Sirmaur District. 

Renuka Lake –

This is the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh, which is 2.5 km long.  Its shape is like a sleeping woman.  Renuka is the mother of Lord Parashurama (the sixth avatar of Vishnu).  Renuka had to be sacrificed at the hands of her son Parashurama, who did so by obeying her father Jamadagni.  Jamadagni is also known as Jamlu Deity.  This lake is the Ramsar wetland site. 

Suketi Lake (left bank of the Markanda River)

(C)Most Important Questions – Answers related Lakes in Himachal Pradesh –

Q.1 In which lake in Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh women have been denied entry by the local people? 

Answer – Neelkanth Lake.

Q.2 In which district is Deepak Tal Lake located? 

Answer – Lahaul – Spiti. 

Q.3 Sissu Lake is in which district of Himachal Pradesh? 

Answer – Lahaul – Spiti. 

Q.4 What is the average height of Chandra Taal lake located in Lahaul – Spiti? 

Answer -4270 m. 

Q.5 Pong lake 42 km long, which is built above the Beas in district Kangra, is known by what name? 

Answer – Maharana Pratap Sagar. 

Q.6 In which district is Surajtal and Chandra Taal lake located? 

Answer – Lahaul – Spiti. 

Q.7 Where is Parashar Lake located? 

Answer – Mandi. 

Q.8 What is the length of Govind Sagar, the largest artificial lake of Himachal Pradesh? 

Answer -60 miles. 

Q.9 With whom is the lake Renuka related?  

Answer – From Parasurama. 

Q 10. Which lake of Himachal Pradesh is a group of seven lakes? 

Answer -Lama Lake (Chamba). 

Q.11 Which river originates from the Chandranahan lake in Rohru tehsil?

Answer – Pabbar River. 

Q.12 In which district is the Gadasaru lake located? 

Answer – Chamba. 

Q.13 Where is Dal Lake located? 

Answer -Dharamshala (Kangra)

Q.14 Which place was drowned by the formation of Pong lake? 

Answer – Dehra Gopipur. 

Q.15 Where is Parashuram Tal located? 

Answer -Renuka. 

Q.16 Chandranahan Lake  Is located in which district? 

Answer -Shimla .

Q. 17 After whom nama is Govind Sagar Lake? 

Answer –Guru Govind Singh. 

Q.18 Chandra Taal lake is situated near which pass?

Answer -Baralacha Pass. 

Q.19 In which lake of Himachal Pradesh, the souls of Padmasambhava and Tara swim as dunes? 

Answer -Rewalsar Lake (Mandi)

Q.20 In which district is the ‘Dhankar’ lake located? 

Answer -Lahaul – in Spiti district. 

Q.21 “Sukhsar lake” is located near which city of Mandi district? 

Answer – Rewalsar.

Q.22 “Tanu Jubbal” lake is situated near which town? 

Answer –Narkanda. 

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