Una District History | Brief explanation

Una District History | Brief explanation-

Una District History
Una District History

Una district was mainly under the princely state of Jaswa and Kutlehar.  Formerly both the princely states were part of the Kangra princely state. 

(1)  Jaswan princely state

 Most of the district of Una district came under Jaswan princely state which was the branch of Kangra princely state.  The establishment of the princely state of Jaswa, King Purvachand of the Katoch dynasty of Kangra was held in 1170 AD.  Its capital was located at Rajpur near Amb.  The princely state of Jaswa was the first to break away from Kangra.  Sibba and Dattarpur were situated in the north of this princely state and Kangra, Kutlehar and Kahlur states in the east.  This princely state was ruled by 27 kings from Purvachand to Umaid Singh.  During the Mughal period, the princely state of Jaswa came under the Mughals at the time of Akbar.  At that time the king of Jaswa was Govind Chand.  Govind Chand’s grandson Anirudh Chand rebelled against the Mughals twice.  Jaswan came into possession of Sansar Chand at the time of Sansar Chand’s invasion.  Ummed Chand sided with the Gorkhas against Sansar Chand.  1815 AD on the princely state of Jaswan.  Sikhs took over.  The year 1848 AD in the Second Sikh War, Umaid Singh sided with the Sikhs against the British.  Umaid Singh and his son Jai Singh were arrested and sent to Almora where he died. In 1879 AD Ummed Singh’s grandson Ranasingh captured 21 villages of the princely state of his ancestors. 

(2)  Kutlehar principality –

 Kutlehar princely state was also a part of Una district, which was broken from Kangra state.  Kutlehar principality was formerly known as Chowki Kutlehar.  Kutlehar was the smallest princely state of Kangra region.  This princely state was ruled by 40 kings.  Kutlehar principality was founded by a Brahmin named Jaspal.  He established his capital at Kot – Kahlur.  Jaspal’s son and grandson established the princely states of Bhajji and Koti. In 1758 AD at the northern province of Kutlehar principality was captured by Ghamand Chand. Sansar Chand in 1786 AD captured Kutlehar which was later liberated by Gurkha.  The year 1809 AD The kingdom came under the Sikhs. In 1825 AD King Narayan Pal of Kutlehar fought battle with Ranjit Singh for the Kautwalwah fort.  Vrajmohan Pal was the last king of the princely state of Kutlehar.  Bedi Vikram Singh in 1848 AD Revolted against the British.  Bedi Sujan Singh founded the city of Una in 1848 AD.  Brought again under Bedi rule.

(3) Freedom Struggle –

May 19, 1857 AD in Una district Provoked rebellion.  First of 1905 AD from Una district Baba Lachhaman das Arya entered the freedom movement.  In 1908 AD Arrested in Lahore and sent to jail.  Satya Prakash Baghi, son of Baba Laxman Das, Mahashi Tirtha Ram Oyal, Gopichand Bhargava were freedom fighters of Una district. 

(4) Establishment of district –

Present Una district 1966 AD Prior to this there was a tehsil of Hoshiarpur district of Punjab.  From 1966 AD to 1972 AD Una was a part of Kangra district.  The year 1972 AD Una was conferred district status.  The foundation of the city of Una was laid by Baba Kaladhari.

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